User experiences

UX, UI and gamification are everywhere. I too have an opinion about it.
Even Facebook,, Dropbox and Youtube regularly make a mess of their UX:
The Dutch Public Broadcasting can still learn something in the field of UX

This password: as74%$k./jkpqw doesn't meet the requirements, but why not? If you have specific password requirements for your users to come up with, display those requirements somewhere on your website so that users don't have to guess what requirements you have.

Seen on 09-07-2023
You can chat with us all day

This text is shown all the time, until you close the browser window.
- What the fuck is an "agent"? I want to chat with a human!
- The agent is on his way. Is he in a traffic queue? Did he overslept? If you keep users waiting, at least give an estimate of the waiting time.
Seen on 04-19-2023
Are you Sick, Sick, Sick or Ill?

A sick UI of Instructure's Canvas LMS: you can click the same function (student is sick) 4x, of which 2x are red, 1x black and 1x orange disease.

This while unsubscribed with reason "only" has the same "checkboxes" twice (in quotes because those "checkboxes" look like Bootstrap buttons).
Seen on 02-17-2023
Save points extra slowly with Jumbo Extra

Jumbo Extra app shows a negative number of points. This way you save Extra slowly.
Seen on 01-27-2023
This is organised by Gin Abagi and null null

Gin Abagi and null null organise this
Seen on 12-21-2022
No connection with

User-friendly message /s: no connection with .
Seen on 12-10-2022

The number of days between now (November 3, 2022) and November 3, 2023 is: NaN
Statler: The question is: "What is a MaNaN MaNaN?"
Waldorf: The question is, "Who cares?" (Microsoft)
Seen on 11-03-2022
De Volkskrant: white letters on a white background

Make all headlines (h3 elements) white so you can't read them. They are under the heading "Analysis" and are underlined in blue.
Seen on 07-28-2022
View all {0)

Haven't found what you were looking for yet? Then view all {0}. Or view all null of Curver.
Seen on 06-14-2022
Show the same old message as often as possible

Every time I visit Twitter, the same 'messenger' popup comes up showing old messages. And it takes up more than half of the screen height.
Seen on 04-12-2022
What language do they speak in the dishwasher?

Artificial "intelligence" in Google search.
Seen on 03-14-2022
Fuck CSS

Always show a blurry left line when your webshop is checking payment.
Seen on 02-16-2022
Pussy don't eat animals

Feel free to have everything translated automatically.
Seen on 02-16-2022
Your annual overview is ready, but you are not allowed to view it
Seen on 02-09-2022
Show an alert that shows an error message out of context

Buienradar displays an alert every time you choose a location from your list of saved locations. An alert is not part of a good UX. And certainly not if the error message makes no sense (I am selecting a location from the list of existing locations, I'm not creating a new one).
Seen on 02-05-2022
Popups that add nothing to functionality

If I can reject all cookies and still navigate your site, just don't show that whole cookie popup asking if I might want cookies after all.
Seen on 01-21-2022
Click Close to go to a completely different page

Simple UX Rules:
- When I click on Close the image should go away and not go to a completely different page like IMDB does if you click on a movie poster.
- The Close button can be on the right side (top right).
- If I can't find the Close button because it's black and on the left then the Esc key should work.
- Esc key should always work.
Seen on 01-02-2022
Android Studio gives really useful information to the end user with its version numbers

Seen on 07-25-2021
Preferably place a button on top of the text so that you cannot read the text

Scrolling does not help either: the button remains.
Seen on 07-04-2021
PostNL also finds CSS difficult

I would like to give my opinion to PostNL. Especially about the layout of this page.
Seen on 06-18-2021
Download or download?

Rather 2 of the same buttons than 1 so that the user has more choice.
Seen on 06-14-2021
When I click DOWN-vote I get a popup asking if I want to see more of these types of commercials

Reddit app.
Seen on 06-13-2021
100 identical pictures say more than words
Seen on 06-11-2021
Facebook text wrap

There's so little space on a HiDPI monitor, isn't there?
Seen on 06-02-2021
Invoice from Google

Every month I get an email from Google saying:
Your monthly invoice for Google Cloud Platform & APIs is available. The PDF document is attached at the bottom of this email.
IMPORTANT: The amount will be debited automatically. You don't have to do anything yourself

Seen on 06-01-2021
Recursive Browsing at the Municipality of Bergen Lb - This page is not working, click to do another round-trip to the server and return to this error page.
Seen on 05-28-2021
Whore op Facebook

Facebook shortens the word Hoera(Hurray) to Hoer (Whore).
Seen on 05-28-2021
Chegg: You're out of luck

Page with only an image and site title. No login or register button. You can't click on anything.
Seen on 05-27-2021
Page choice: go to page 1,5,6,7 or 10

It wasn't Fibonacci, nor any other known sequence I think.
Seen on 05-27-2021
Portrait shopping cart

I don't think this is what they mean by "responsive".
Seen on 05-27-2021
Once upon a time, years ago...

We live in the year 2021. So why is there a Dropbox icon on the right that says August 25, 2018? I can't even click on it, it's just a picture with some text taking up a third of the screen.
Seen on 05-23-2021
Language switch: choose between Dutch (an English word), Flemish (a Dutch word) or ...
Seen on 05-23-2021
Gamification at's video player

1. Welcome to the volume is always at maximum upon arrival, which is good for the hearing impaired and the neighbours. There is no volume control on screen to turn it down.

2. Mouse over the speaker icon to try to turn it down. Oh wait, after that there is an extra experience (gamification?) where you have to move the mouse upwards in a strictly straight vertical narrow line. If you get off the narrow path, it's game over: you're finished and the volume control immediately disappears to the 4th dimension.
Seen on 05-23-2021
CEO at

1. Electronics Actions,
2. Electronics,
3. Electronics actions (with space spelling error in Dutch),
4. Electronics Deals (also with a space spelling error) are all phrases for the same thing: the page you are looking at right now.
Seen on 05-23-2021
UI controls of JetBrains

This seems like an elegant solution for choosing the file format of your download. However, I find it quite confusing:

- The two halves look alike, they are even connected - so it looks like a control - but if you click on the left half it starts downloading something and the right half shows a dropdown list, nothing more.

- You have to FIRST select something on the right and THEN download something on the left. A UI flow from right to left.
Seen on 04-25-2021

Seen on 03-26-2021
We make the autoplay icon gray because all other icons are already white
Seen on 03-23-2021
Checkbox == cross out
Super handy checkboxes. Click on it to be able to cross out a piece of text!
Seen on 03-10-2021
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