Hi, Marcelv here. Online since 1992. First with 1200baud, but soon with 14k4 and even 19k2.

I like the smell of an old radio whose tubes slowly come to life when you turn it on, with those typical odors of the wax on the capacitors and the varnish on the coils and transformers. I love the smell of soldering tin or an Elektor or RAM magazine that I've kept since the 1980s, but also the smell of freshly printed PLA that you smell as your carefully designed 3D model slowly comes to life with OpenScad.

My first hosting provider was VIA (Venlo Internet Access). Below their website from 1996. Because the new HTML version (version 2) is used, Netscape version 1.1 is recommended to view the site :-)



Mail to: marcel@marcelv.net

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July 2023 - Added English translations
December 2021 - Made browsing images (when you click on an image)
May 2021 - Search via DuckDuckgo replaced by own search function
April 2021 - New category Tips added
March 2021 - Redesign (same look as in 2004)
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November 2019 - everything translated into English
June 2019 - added "about"
April 2019 - marcelv.net is back again!
December 2004 - Webblog marcelv.net created (online until 2011)

On this site some of my creations: gadgets I've made and handy scripts that I use every day.

I design objects to print on one of my 3d printers. Due to technical problems with Thingiverse I often put them here now.