Check your hard disk space

Where is my disk space? Find all folders with large files.

With the command line tool du you can see how big each folder is. It shows exactly all folders with files that are larger than the specified size in total.

For example, all files larger than 1GB. Because it also shows the directories that are larger than 1GB in total, this is super handy to see where your hard disk space is now.

du -h -t 1GB

Sample output from my Project folder:
29G ./CocktailCabinet/MyFrontEnd/FrontEnd/roms
17G ./CocktailCabinet/MyFrontEnd/FrontEnd/video
2.4G ./CocktailCabinet/MyFrontEnd/FrontEnd/Cabinets
49G ./CocktailCabinet/MyFrontEnd/FrontEnd
49G ./CocktailCabinet/MyFrontEnd
50G ./CocktailCabinet
1.6G ./RetroGameSystem
3.5G ./ExerGames
1.2G ./MameFrontEnd
1G ./Kinect/learnopencv
1.4G ./Kinect
1.1G ./ArcadeKast/BACKUP/opt-retropie
1.2G ./Arcade Cabinet/BACKUP
15G ./ArcadeKast/SDCardImagebackup
19G ./Arcade Cabinet

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