Recoll indexes OpenScad

This way you can search for texts in all your OpenScad files.

My favorite desktop search engine is Recoll (since February 2023). It works just as fine as Google Desktop did back then. Special files associated with an application are not indexed (at least not the content). That's nice too, but not always.

OpenScad files are text files and to ensure that Recoll also indexes the contents of those files you can do this:
In folder /home/yourname/.recoll there is an empty file mimeconf.

Edit that file like this:
application/x-openscad = internal text/plain
You now have to let Recoll reindex, but that's only once, from now on it knows that it also has to keep track of OpenScad files.

application/x-openscad is the MIME type of OpenScad. It is defined in this folder:
and therefore Recoll did not index it.

Tip: A good way to visually search for OpenScad files is of course still the OpenScad Finder!

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