Assets for projects

Sounds, fonts and images to make your project beautiful.

Often I need sounds, fonts and images for my projects. I'd rather borrow those assets from someone else than draw something myself (I'm better at other things than drawing).

Here are a few useful sites with free (and open source) materials for developing your apps, websites, and other projects:

Free fonts: Font Pair or 1001 Free fonts.

Free sounds: Freesound. The best thing is to become a member of this. This is also possible with a mailinator (= free e-mail) account. Free background music: Unminus. I use this site to generate spoken texts: Natural readers.

Search engine for free icons: Iconhunt. Free images: Freepik. Free game art: Open Game Art. More free icons: The Noun Project. SVG Backgrounds (colors, patterns): SVG Backgrounds.

For the games I make I always buy assets from Robert Brooks: Game Developer Studio. It has a lot and everything is in the same style.

Free cloud (infinite Terabyte) for all your files Infinite Storage Glitch. Uses Youtube (...) as storage medium.
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