Restful sites: they still exist

Link Dump May '22

Links to some nice little sites. Seen in May 2022.

IBM PC fonts
Site with about 100 fonts, but only fonts that were used on IBM-compatible PCs.
The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Resource

Accurate mouse pointer pointer. It looks like AI.
Pointer pointer Try it!
You are welcomed with sound. Pretty Psychedelic.

Muhammad Shaabaan
Funny home page of a fellow teacher where you can see his class schedule and many photos of graduation ceremonies.
Muhammad Shaabaan's Home Page

For all your evening wear and wedding dresses. Also rental.

Blood pressure lowering music
Soothing background music/music while you work. With radio stations such as coffee shop radio, lo-fi hip hop radio, and chill hop radio. Stylish design.
Lo-Fi Cafe

Back to the 1970s
A real television, but already in colour. Turn it on, choose a channel and start watching TV. With links to 90s and 80s TVs.
My 70s tv

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