Download from Youtube that works really well (and continues to work)

Download video clips or sound only from Youtube with a well-maintained open source program.

There are 3 monitors on my computer desk: the PC monitor, the television and a third monitor with a Raspberry Pi attached to it, on which I watch video clips. run while I work on the PC. I download the video clips from Youtube. After working with 4K Video Downloader (closed source) I still prefer to use the command line program youtube-dl because of its simplicity and clear operation.

Just install youtube-dl from Synaptic. It also stays up-to-date by itself and you don't have to worry about it.

Downloading videos
To download a video, just enter the URL of Youtube. If the URL is an entire playlist from Youtube, it will download that entire playlist instead of a single video.

Download multiple videos at once
Line up the URLs of all the videos you want to download, separated by a space.
youtube-dl URL1 URL2 URL3

Download under a different name
Use -o (from output) and name the file as you want it downloaded.
youtube-dl -o "The Counterparty"

Download specific video format
You can also indicate the video format of the download, for example for mp4:
youtube-dl -f mp4
If the video is not available as mp4 then it automatically downloads the video in another format.

Download only the sound
youtube-dl -x
It will download only the sound, in < b>ogg format. To download the clip as an mp3 file:
youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3

Download whole batch of videos
With the -a option you can download a whole laundry list of videos as a batch process (one after the other). Put all URLs in a text file (one URL on each line) and:
youtube-dl -a file

There are all kinds of GUIs built around youtube-dl (such as Tartube). They often work fine too. Except when youtube-dl gives an error underwater, which is not passed by the UI.
And (at least with Tartube) there are many options that are too complex if you only want to download a video clip from Youtube every now and then.

In addition to Youtube, you can also download videos and sound from AlJazeera, the BBC, Canvas, Ketnet, Dropbox, Disney, Facebook, Flickr, Freesound, Google podcasts, IMDB (trailers), Instagram, NPO (,, Spotify, Steam, TikTok and hundreds of other sites.

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