Mount Android phone

mountandroid.nemo_action Open your phone in Linux Nemo with one click.

With Nemo you sometimes have that he does not recognize the phone. With this Nemo action you can immediately mount your phone by right-clicking on a folder.
All files on your phone will appear in that folder. And you can add and remove files from your phone right from Nemo.
[Nemo Action]
# Do it once:
# sudo apt install go-mtpfs

Name=Connect Android phone
Comment=Pair phone to %F
Exec=go-mtpfs %F
If you're messing around with this and you have a folder that shows Nemo but is no longer mounted, you can do this:
sudo umount -f /media/marcel/folder
to remove it from Nemo's left margin (simply umount won't work, you need the -f).

How to use

In Nemo (Linux Mint's file manager) you can easily add your own commands to the right-click menu.

Save the script as file mountandroid.nemo_action in $HOME/.local/share/nemo/actions

Tip for creating your own Actions: add a standard icon. The list is here.

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