MP3 Converter

wav2mp3.nemo_action Convert WAV files to MP3 with a simple right-click.

There are those tools that you almost never need. If you do need the tool then you have to look for it. Unless the tool pops up automatically when you need it. Like this WAV file converter.

Suitable for Linux Mint with Cinnamon or any other desktop that uses Nemo as a file manager.
[Nemo Action]
#Convert WAV file to MP3.

Name=Convert to MP3
Comment=Convert file %f to MP3 file
Exec=ffmpeg -i %F -acodec mp3 %P/%e.mp3

You need ffmpeg, install with sudo apt install ffmpeg.

How to use

In Nemo (Linux Mint's file manager) you can easily add your own commands to the right-click menu.

Save the script as file wav2mp3.nemo_action in $HOME/.local/share/nemo/actions

Tip for creating your own Actions: add a standard icon. The list is here.

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