Trampoline games

Exergaming (moving games) with the trampoline. Move the character in games by jumping high and low on a trampoline.

Exergaming is playing and moving at the same time. And exercising with a trampoline is super convenient because it puts less strain on your joints and you can do it every time in between work. My trampoline is only small and is next to my desk.

By jumping on the trampoline, the character in the games can also jump. Jump quietly then the character walks (useful for platform games). Jump high then the character jumps. Jump extra high then jump the character extra high.

The trampoline has been given a sensor that works with an arcade microswitch. This is of course much better than placing an ultrasonic sensor under the mat as I have seen someone else do. The ultrasonic sensor reacts much too slowly and can also give wrong signals.

The sensor is connected to the console via a cable. The console is not much more than an Arduino Leonardo that converts the jumps on the trampoline into keyboard strokes for the PC.

Moon patrol - Drive a cart over the moon and jump over objects and dodge moon men.

Panda Run platform game: dodge jungle monsters, jump over boxes and jump to collect coins.

Bricks Extreme: jump over Lego bricks with your penguin and do at least 100 jumps per day to pass the challenge.


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