Data credit lamp

It's time to top up your credit.

I live in an area without wired internet. Yes, in the Netherlands. No TV cable, no fiber optics and no ISDN/telephone cable. So I have a 4G modem. But that subscription is 100GB per month and that credit will soon run out.

As soon as the credit is used up, I have to click on a button every time on the T-Mobile website or in the T-Mobile app to top up the credit in 2GB increments. But if I'm downloading something and I'm not behind the PC then I don't know when the credit is gone. The download stops without me knowing.

That's why I made a lamp that turns red as soon as the credit is used up. As soon as the light turns red, I grab my phone and click the top-up button in the T-Mobile app. I can now read a book in peace while my PC continues to download, knowing that the camp will warn me as soon as the credit is used up. The download can continue so quietly without me having to stay behind my PC.

The light works internally with a D1 Mini that lights up an RGB LED in red or green. The D1 Mini downloads a file from my website every few minutes. If successful, he will light up the LED green. If the download does not succeed quickly enough, it concludes that the credit has been used up and the lamp turns red.

Arduino sketch (for D1 mini)
OpenScad file

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