The Printer Pole

A sturdy pole like they use on PLC control cabinets in factories. With its mysteriously flashing lamp that shows the status of the 3d printer by flashing-frequency and various colors.

It includes a small switching unit with which the operator can connect the 3d printer to the Octoprint server at the touch of a button. Without having to open the Octoprint web page in a browser.

The printer pole (2 pieces, because I have 2 printers) is connected with a flexible DIN cable to the independent and independent switching unit. The switch unit is a box with nice low-profile (rare, almost nowhere to get) Arcade buttons and a D1 mini.

The light glows red when the printer is off or not connected to Octoprint (press the button briefly to connect), green when the printer is connected to Octoprint, and blinks blue steadily when printing.


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