Smart Cave

Kodi and 434MHz klikaanklikuit with D1 Mini for the Movie Cave.

I now have a new light installation in the Movie Cave as I call my home theater. It works with "ordinary" 230V lamps that are automatically switched on and off at the right time.

At the entrance to the Cave is a On and Off switch box to turn on the main torch. This is such a film lamp on a tripod. A break light near the main seat will also turn on so that you can walk to your seat.

When the movie starts, the pause light goes out and a red Pac-man lamp lights up for extra atmosphere.

When the movie stops or is paused, the Pac-man light turns off and the pause light turns on. When continuing the movie (play), the Pac-man light goes on again and the pause light goes off. The pause light can also be switched on/off manually with the LAMP button located at the main seat. Handy if you still want some light while watching the movie.

A D1 Mini controls a 434MHz transmitter to send the Klikaanklikuit signals to the lamps.

The box at the entrance has two buttons but still only needs 2 wires to connect it to the base unit with the D1 mini. I use a few resistors for this, one of which is in the switch box. See the schematic and software.

Openscad box
Pause Lamp
Arduino sketch (for D1 Mini)


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