Power consumption reader

Up-to-date overview of your electricity consumption.

This little meter shows the net electricity consumption of our entire house. When the solar panels return energy to the net, that power is deducted from the total consumption.

The green LED lights up when net power is being supplied. The display then shows the power that remains to be returned after deduction of the total household electricity consumption.

When the sun is not shining, the red LED lights up. If the sun is shining, but the power generated by the solar panels is too low to provide the entire house with enough power, the red LED will also light up and the text "Little sun" will appear on the display. The display then shows the consumption that is currently being purchased.

The box contains a D1 Mini that reads a so-called energy monitor.

Plug and play
I bought a Energy monitor. You insert it into the electricity meter (every newfangled meter - a so-called smart meter - has an external connection) and you're done. The D1 Mini in my Power consumption reader reads that device.

The bol.com device sends a new JSON file with the current data every half second. An example of what it sends:
"smr_version": 50,
"meter_model": "Sagemcom T210-D ESMR5.0",
"unique_id": "4530303438303030303336353335333139",
"active_tariff": 2,
"total_power_import_kwh": 34383.195,
"total_power_import_t1_kwh": 19146.406,
"total_power_import_t2_kwh": 15236.789,
"total_power_export_kwh": 5956.294,
"total_power_export_t1_kwh": 1767.452,
"total_power_export_t2_kwh": 4188.842,
"active_power_w": -510,
"active_power_l1_w": -192,
"active_power_l2_w": -217,
"active_power_l3_w": -107,
"active_voltage_l1_v": 240,
"active_voltage_l2_v": 241,
"active_voltage_l3_v": 241,
"active_current_l1_a": -0.8,
"active_current_l2_a": -0.9,
"active_current_l3_a": -0.444,
"voltage_sag_l1_count": 6,
"voltage_sag_l2_count": 6,
"voltage_sag_l3_count": 6,
"voltage_swell_l1_count": 0,
"voltage_swell_l2_count": 0,
"voltage_swell_l3_count": 3,
"any_power_fail_count": 44,
"long_power_fail_count": 18,
"external": []
My Power consumption reader connects to this energy monitor via WiFi and reads a number of values every 20 seconds. With the ArduinoJson library, the values are converted into texts that the LCD can display. The LCD is a standard OLED screen that can be purchased everywhere.

Arduino sketch
Openscad file for the enclosure


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