Light controller

Switching lamps with WOPR technology.

A while ago I made the W.O.P.R. (World-wide operated switch), a switch with a relay with which I could remotely switch my PC on and off.

This light controller is a similar relay system. It is an embedded web server on a D1 Mini that you can use to switch lamps and LED strips on and off.

Nice technical detail: I use a 3.3V microcontroller (D1 Mini) to control 5V relays. There is a pin JDVcc on such relay modules. Normally that pin is connected with a jumper to the Vcc pin of the relay module. If you remove that jumper, connect the Vcc to the 3.3V of the microcontroller and the JDVcc pin to +5V, the entire module can be controlled with 3.3V.

I like looking at a 'website' knowing that you are actually looking at a little thing that controls everything. This is that website:

Arduino code
OpenScad Enclosure


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