3D Print Completion Device

Receive a push notification as soon as your 3D print is completed.

Printing objects takes time. Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes more than 24 hours. I usually don't stand next to the 3D printer waiting for it to finish printing. I'm just going to do some shopping or watch some TV. When the 3D printer has finished printing, it will let me know by sending a push message to my phone.

The 3D Print Completion Device sits quietly in a corner listening to my 3D printers. Every time a printer finishes printing an object, it sends a message to my phone. It's nice to get a personal message from your own printer.

Instructions on how to make this super handy device yourself are on my Instructables page. Backup: PDF file.

Source code files and OpenScad file for the enclosure are on Github.


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