Statler and Waldorf box

The grumpy old men of the Muppet Show comment on the movies I watch.

Every time I put a movie or episode from a series on my Kodi media center, the two guys from the Muppet show (Waldorf and Statler) comment.

The males are little puppets that sit in their box. They are next to the beamer screen of my man cave.
At the back of the box is a D1 mini (ESP8266), MP3 amplifier module, SD card module and a speaker. The D1 mini connects to Kodi's API so it knows when a movie/series episode ends.

When the males are conducting a dialogue, an LED lights up above the head of the male that is speaking as a kind of spotlight.

D1 mini sketch
The sounds (MP3s) to put on the SD card

Note: Somewhere in the source code is hardcoded "", which is my Kodi's IP address.

MP3 module is this.


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