ATtiny programmer

Programmer for ATtiny45 and ATtiny85

I want to start working with ATtiny's more often, so I need a programmer to flash them.

It is a standard Arduino-as-ISP device with a ZIF socket to quickly program the chips.

LEDs indicate statuses: heartbeat (programmer on), Error and Programming in Progress.

- Construction according to the schedule. Install in box. I put the ZIF socket on a breadboardprint so that the wires to the Arduino are easy to solder.
- Flash Arduino Uno with the Arduino-as-ISP sketch (can be found at Examples, Built-in).

Programming ATtinys
- In the Arduino IDE add ATtiny library via Preferences, Additonal Board URLs. This is the URL:
- Select ATtiny chip and processor and clock speed and flash using Sketch, Upload Using Programmer(!!!). Under Tools Programmer should be set to Arduino as ISP (note the word as!!!).


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