Door Open Indicator

I'm engrossed in a Teams meeting or an online gaming session and suddenly someone is standing next to me in the room. I'm terrified! I don't hear the door of the room open because I often have headphones on.

Solution: a bright lamp (230V LED lamp in GU10 fitting, see also the first version of that lamp) that comes on when the door is opened.

As an added bonus, my lamp has a 433MHz transmitter that sends a click-to-click-off signal to an additional wireless lamp located elsewhere where I often sit. So that I can also see at a glance when someone comes in to disturb me.

With a small switch I can test the transmitter without having to open the door. In this test mode, an on and off signal is periodically sent to the click-on-click-off lamp. This is useful for testing the range.

Arduino sketch (I run on a Nano)
Openscad file


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