House bell

Home bell system with central unit and 3 different clients.

In our house, the family members are often spread over the entire property. One is in the Movie Cave (basement), the other is upstairs in his bedroom, the other is in the hobby room. When we go to dinner there was always shouting back and forth throughout the house.

The shouting is now a thing of the past due to the doorbell system. Downstairs in the kitchen is a central (EspDuino with 4 switches) with which you can sound a bell or other signal in a room of your choice. The control panel has 4 channels. How it works: it calls a URL on the local network, such as for the bedroom or for the hobby room. The entire system works through the local WiFi network.

We have 3 different types of clients: bell, buzzer and lamp. An old-fashioned bell rings in the bedroom. A string is pulled by a small servo that makes it ring a few times like an old-fashioned house bell from the 14th century. We don't want any sound in the Movie Cave, where a Lampan flashes red in response to a pressed button on the control panel. In the hallway upstairs is a simple client consisting of a buzzer that emits a few attention signals when the doorbell rings.

The control panel indicates with a green LED that a bell has arrived correctly. If you call a client from the exchange, the blue LED on D13 lights up. As soon as the client answers, the green LED on the exchange switches on briefly so that you can see that the bell has actually arrived.

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