Bootcamp app

An app for the Fitbit Ionic to do sports like boot camps with fitness points like Tomtom had.

Boot camps are my sport. Or even running. Unfortunately, I depend on a good sports watch. I've spent thousands of euros worth of watches: two Fitbits, a Sony, a Samsung, a Garmin, and two Tomtom watches.

The Tomtom was the best but is no longer available. I now rely on my Fitbit Ionic. I use the Ionic when I go to work out, mostly boot camps (1 hour workouts). There are 2 very big disadvantages to that Fitbit:
- The screen goes off all the time, you have to make absurd movements with your wrist or press a button to get the screen back on.
- He doesn't know the fitness points.

I MUST have fitness points on my watch. All kinds of graphs such as heart rate, distance, number of steps, etc. are fun for the novice sports watch owner, but they get boring after a few weeks to months. After a while you will know how your heart rate develops during a workout or how many steps you take in a day, after a while you will no longer need a tracker or watch. Fitness points keep you motivated, even after years of exercise.

I wrote an app that shows the fitness points per boot camp (!), a bit like the Tomtom watches. And the screen always stays on!

And another feature: the heart rate and your fitness points are printed in BIG letters on the watch so you don't have to put on reading glasses while running through the woods.
You don't need a phone or anything either: you just have to enjoy working out!

- Screen always on during exercise*
- Shows current heart rate.
- Shows number of fitness points achieved during the ongoing workout (UNIQUE for a Fitbit app).
- Shows progress bar indicating the duration of the workout: ranges from 0 minutes to one hour.
- Shows progress bar indicating battery charge.
- Only for Fitbit Ionic.
- No reading glasses required.
- Open-source.

* You can also turn off the screen (during exercise) if you wish to save battery life.

App: Download from the Fitbit site.
Source code: see Github.

The fitness points are calculated on the basis of my personal data that I collected with my old Tomtom watch. So they are not calculated like with Tomtom itself, it is an approximation. But it works well for me, I keep the motivation during a workout.

Source code

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