STL finder

If you download a lot of STL files for 3d printing, you sometimes lose the overview of what you have.

With this STL finder you can quickly find all STL files in your project folders on your hard disk.

The operation is through a locally running PHP instance (to be started with php -S). And I've also made a Nemo script that allows you to see from the File Manager which STL's it contains for each folder.

Code: See Github.

How it works: a list of files is retrieved from PHP (see PHP file load.php that is called via Javascript (client/stl.js). For each STL file, the OpenScad executable is run, which creates an image from an STL file.

The images are cached in the folder called cache so that they can be displayed faster next time.

- Visually shows all STL files in a folder.
- Can be called from other applications, eg by means of the given Nemo-action.
- You can also recursively view all STL files of a folder without having to browse all subfolders.
- You can sort the output by size, date (useful for downloads) or by name.
- You can put the name of any STL file on the clipboard, with one mouse click, so that you can immediately open it in another app (eg in your slicer).
- The PHP site can continue to run in the background: it hardly uses any CPU and only 6MB of memory.

This app is a bit like My Projects but because it's PHP instead of C#, the STL is viewfinder slightly leaner.

Source code

The source code of my apps is always available.

If it's not in the article or on my Git, email me for the code.

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