Fitbit app that profiles workouts.

New version: see Intense 2.
This Fitbit app keeps track of how much time you spend on muscle exercises, cardio exercises and rest moments per training.

This is ideal for building a profile of people who train you such as your personal trainer, fitness instructor or boot camp trainer. One trainer does more cardio, the other more muscle exercises. You can map that out with this app.

- Keep track of the percentage of time you spent on cardio exercises, muscle exercises and rest.
- Extra large letters so you don't have to wear reading glasses during training.
- Show heart rate and/or current time during training.
- Leave the screen on during the entire workout.
- Always shows the status of the battery.
- Buttons are partially blocked during training so that you cannot accidentally stop a training.

Install on your Ionic

User Manual
From the startup screen you can start a workout by pressing the Start or Start (GPS) button. With the latter option, it will also include the number of kilometers walked in your training.
Click Quit to stop: the workout will end and the data will be saved to the watch. Restart the app (e.g. if you came home after training) and click Data to see the data of the (trainer of the) previous training, then click Quit to quit or Data again to return to the home screen.
NOTE: if you want the data, do NOT click on Start (and not on Start (GPS)) because then it will start a new training and delete the old data.

During a workout
When the training has started, the button Rest is active. When the trainer starts with an exercise, click on Exer. Will he then explain something again or is there rest, click on Rest. When running or doing other cardio, click on Cardio.
The screen stays on all the time, so you only operate the touchscreen.

Press the left button to return to the main menu. Here you can press Quit to stop the workout. Furthermore, pressing buttons is pointless.

The blue button displays your heart rate. Click on it to see what time it is.

Source code

The source code of my apps is always available.

If it's not in the article or on my Git, email me for the code.

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