Desktop speaker

With room for a 40mm speaker.

You can mount a small standard 40cm speaker inside this desktop speaker stand and screw the back on with 2.5 bolts using threaded inserts. The front panel (grill) can be printed in a separate colour and can be glued on.

The stand (back panel) of the speaker has some nice round edges and it is best printed with a variable layer height near the rounded parts (see the .gcode file for an MK4 printer).

Use it for Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects with sound, with a speaker as intended or with a buzzer instead of a speaker.



The CAD program Openscad takes some getting used to at first but for those who are already used to writing code it is it's a good way to start designing things.


If you want to print a design you can download it in OpenScad, open it and then make it into an STL file that can be sent to the slicer.

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