Pi 3 server case

Extra sturdy and large case for the Raspberry Pi 3.

This cabinet for the Pi 3 can be firmly screwed to the surface (in my case a chipboard lying on a cabinet) with 4 screws.

As a result, the cabinet is nice and secure, even if there are many cables, such as a heavy HDMI cable.

The 4 screws to secure the cabinet to the surface also immediately secure the 4 feet. The legs are silver-coloured, with the first 2 millimeters printed with dark gray PLA. I printed the cabinet itself in matt grey. I printed the picture with the name of the server in silver with bright pink text.

Download: Pi3-Server.scad


The CAD program Openscad takes some getting used to at first but for those who are already used to writing code it is it's a good way to start designing things.


If you want to print a design you can download it in OpenScad, open it and then make it into an STL file that can be sent to the slicer.

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