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Hi, Marcelv here. Online since 1992. First with 1200 baud, but soon with 14k4 and even 19k2.

Nice and fresh

I love the smell of an old radio whose tubes slowly come to life when you turn it on, with those typical odeurs of the washing of the capacitors and the varnish on the coils and transformers. I love the smell of solder tin or an Elektor or RAM magazine that I keep since the eighties but also the smell of freshly printed PLA that you smell when your carefully designed 3D model with OpenScad slowly comes to life.

About this site

Some of my creations on this site: apparatuses I created . The knowledge base contains things that I should not forget, often found on the internet and in use with a device. If that device breaks down some time, I can find how I can repair it by looking in the knowledge baservanging.

Lots of fun!
Marcel V.

Marcelv 24 years ago

My first hosting provider was VIA (Venlo Internet Access). Below is there website from 1996. Because the new HTML version (version 2) is being used, Netscape version 1.1 is recommended to view the site :-)

On my first website from 1996 you could find tools that transformed your sound card (...) into an oscilloscope, function generator and frequency counter. I programmed these with Delphi 1.0. BIP was my "company name". Feel free to view the HTML source code of that site (iframe below) with interesting tags such as a the Nedstat script tag and the bgsound tag.



Mail me: marcel@marcelv.net.

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April 2019 - marcelv.net is back!
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