16 januari 2020
From the category: Apparatuses

Background: attached to my 3d printer is a webcam that points to the print in progress.

This is a bash script that I use to post a still image of my webcam to my site every 10 minutes. When I'm not at home, I can occasionally take a look and, in the event of a crash, turn off the printer using a W.O.P.R. (*)

The Bash script is installed on the Octoprint server (Raspberry Pi).

Source code: see git.
Live installation: see here.

The script pushes a jpeg image and a file "datum.txt" to the server. "datum.txt" contains the current time that I show below the photo (here) so that you know that the cronjob is still working properly.

* W.O.P.R. Web-OPerated Relay. A D1 mini with a relay that can be switched on/off via the internet. I still have to document the WOPR some time on this site.






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