03 november 2019
From the category: Apparatuses

Smart Cave: Kodi en 434MHz light control with D1 Mini

I now have a new light installation in the Movie Cave as I call my home cinema. It works with "normal" 230 V lamps that are automatically requested and switched off at the right time.

At the entrance to the Cave there is a switch box On and Off to turn on the main lights. This is a theatre lamp on a tripod. A pause light will also come on near the main seat so that you there's enough light tp walk to your seat.

When the movie starts, the pause light goes out and a red Pac-man light comes on, for extra atmosphere.

If the movie stops or is paused, the Pac-man lamp turns off and the pause lamp turns on. When continuing the movie (playing), the Pac-man lamp turns on again and the pause light goes off. The pause light can also be switched on/off manually with the LAMP button at the main chair. Handy if you want to have some light while watching the film.

A D1 Mini controls a 434MHz transmitter to send the Klikaanklikuit (CoCo (Controlled Comfort)) signals to the lights.

The box at the entrance has two buttons but only 2 wires needed to connect it with the basic unit with the D1 mini. I use a few resistors for this, one in the switch box. See the diagram and the software.






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