01 maart 2017
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Pictures of my arcade cabinet restauration

I bought an old Arcade cabinet for 30 euros that was completely broken. It is an original cocktail cabinet from the late 1970s. I brightened it up and MAME is now running with a self-written front end. I like playing Arcade games from the late 1970s / early 1980s such as Space Invaders, Galaxian, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, etc.

It took a few months to complete everything.
- Removed rust and painted over with Hammerite.
- Replace joystick switches. I have still retained the two original joysticks, only the switches on the inside have been renewed.
- IPAC built in for the two joysticks and the buttons.
- 3D printed coin feeder made with luminous coin button.
- Old PC built in with MAME and all my favorite games.
- Sanded and painted top again.
- New glass plate.
- The formica edge replaced by a new one. This is also a lot easier than a T-molding! Highly recommended if you want to build a cabinet yourself.
- Instruction cards designed to the original and printed by HEMA as "photo".







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